A strange morning down at Lake Brockwell.

One moment you are sharing a lane at 8am with a man wearing flip flops on his hands.

Five minutes later and the Invasion of the Bloody Butterfly Boys has begun.

I plodded on, doing my thing.

Which for Friday morning was a respectable 16 lengths. I wanted to press for 20, but the morning assembly back in Sunny Stockwell was waiting.

And what an assembly!

It was the hustings for the new Head Girl and Head Boy.

I'm not going to blog about it in detail, but it was great to see so much confidence coming through.

I'm also not going to blog about how I became a little confused with Year 8 maths...

And that was pretty much Friday.

The evening was spent working on school content.

Saturday has already been written off work wise with a trip up to HQ and a day on the piss with the 'rrey.

Sunday will be the recovery time...

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