The train journey in on Thursday morning was mixed.

I am a morning person, and very much a functional, working morning person. It's when I get things done.

My usual train in though has become something of a social outing.

Helloooo Lee, helloooo Gaz. Apologies that it was all a bit manic.

I think that we all wanted a seat / sleep / bury our heads in the MacBook.

The surprise soundtrack was Colour by Numbers.

Woh! That sounded fresh first thing on Thursday morning.

And so a school day in SE17 was on the schedule.

I still haven't finished off photographing every single pupil in the school. I ran around, combining this with other responsibilities for most of the day.

I'm still finding it hard to get my head around seeing Year 6 kids who I have known since their Nursery days.

I heard back from the rather cool online publication in my capacity as the esteemed Cycling Correspondent during luncheon.

My role has shifted. I am now Mr. Cricket as well, apparently.

A piece I pitched about spending the summer on the piss with the 'rrey has been accepted.


The best way to celebrate this will be... to go on the piss with the 'rrey at HQ on Saturday.

Don't expect 1,500 words, mind.

I escaped school late afternoon and headed for a cheeky early afternoon dip in the lovely lido.

Luna cinema were setting up for the screening of Jaws later in the evening. It added a little edge to my swim in an otherwise empty pool.

A quick cycle back to Sunny Stockwell, and then much amusement in the flat upon hearing that the Progress MP for Lambeth North is now the Enemy Within for Comrade Corbyn.

Talk about hanging on in the face of de-selection, Comrade.

I did a brief Lidl run, and then spent the rest evening working on school content.

And then Question Time.

Ha, bloody ha.

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