Up early to see Anna off to South London.

I made use of the extra hours by reading a 50+ page local gov PDF.

Now go back to bed.

But I didn't, choosing a run over a swim instead.

My whole body has been bloody aching over the past few days. A run didn't seem like the wisest choice.

But five minutes in and all was fine. I even managed something of a lame sprint finish.

I'm convinced that my ageing frame is crocked. The only reason that it doesn't give up on me is because I give it a bloody good kicking each day with some exercise.

Mid-morning brought more bloody first utility woe.

Just be gone, you useless tossers.

You don't supply me, I'm not in debt and so stop bloody billing me.

It will all be different under Comrade Corbyn come 2020...

Work saw more crisis simulation.

I simulated well, apparently.

And then yer man Weller made a long-overdue appearance with @RobertElms later in the afternoon. Gruff, as ever. But still something of a charmer within.

Work shifts continued through until evening.

And then some FoI catching up.

Oh Lordy.

Sometimes it takes a level creativity to try and get the answers that you want. You end cross-posting FoI's, just to see if the answers tally up.

It needn't be like this. Just bloody open up, local gov.

I finally caught up with some of the Rico tributes for the remainder of the evening.

We went to see the old boy about five years ago in Brixton. He was still just about holding it all together on stage at Hootenanny.

The evening was lost in the joyous Rico Anthology box set.

That ska Star Wars theme is BONKERS.

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