A rare ride on the MTB to the pool on Saturday morning.

It was bloody pissing it down. There's no way I'm taking the Tourer out in the rain.

I haven't ridden the clapped out MTB since buying the Tourer at the start of the summer. I forgot all about the front suspension bounce.

The pool was wonderfully empty for a Saturday morning. I did my thing, and then I disappeared for a haircut.

There was a small queue, but I managed to bounce back to base on the MTB just in time to hear Tom Watson be elected as Deputy Leader.

And so Sadiq, Watson, and... could it be the dream ticket?


I really wasn't expected 59.5%. I wasn't even expecting a first round win.

It prompted another conversation with Anna about how we live in a London social media bubble. Repeat the messages enough, and some start to believe them.

Forest were on TV away at Loftus Road. The plan was to watch the Reds, but the other red on the BBC News Channel was far more thrilling.

I apologise to the neighbours for a very loud rendition of The Internationale just after luncheon.

Anna then forced me to leave the house as we had a Tour to track down.

The Tour of GB was scheduled to pass through nearby Suffolk in under an hour. If we put a bit of power in the pedals then we could just about make it in time.

The Tourer was my choice of wheels; Anna went with the hybrid.

There were to be no Strava PRs being clocked up.

The ride in was smooth. We took up an ideal vantage point at the top of Brantham Hill. It was a superb view looking down on the route ahead of the arrival of the pack.

We've seen so many pro races over the years that the routine becomes familiar. The early motorbike riders are soon replaced by the first race cars. The police sirens then indicate that the cyclists are around the corner.

And then WHOOSH.

Blink and you'll miss it.

I had decided beforehand not to bother with any photos, but to just appreciate the speed of the peloton.

In the end I snapped away...

And that was the Tour for another year.

We had a slight detour for the return ride, and then spent the rest of the afternoon drinking endless cups of tea.

And then I did something very sensible / silly.

I joined the Labour party.

At least I applied to.

I'll have to wait and see if the Nu Labour twonks desperately hanging on for power in the Vauxhall CLP are going to sling me out again.

My 'labour values' fit those of the party leader, whereas theirs sound more like those of property salesperson.

We'll see...

The rest of Saturday was spent watching the Man Utd / Liverpool match, and then catching up with the Tour highlights.

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