Duran Duran and The Reflex awaited me at the pool on Friday morning.

I remembered the video from back in the day where the ponces tipped a tray of water over the audience.

My entry into the water wasn't too far removed.

And then something a little different for the working morning: crisis simulation.


I can't talk too much about it, but it was a bit of an eye-opener situation to be put in.

The GLORIOUS estuary wilds weather was calling from outdoors. The best I got was to hang the washing out.

The mad cat was lounging around and after belly strokes all day.

Luncheon bought the London Labour Mayoral result.


I wasn't expecting that.

Yes We Khan, etc.

(Or closer to the truth is probably Stop Tessa.)

Job well done though.

I look forward to campaigning for Sadiq with my Stockwell Comrades on the bloody labourdoorstep next year.

@Robert Elms lightened the mood with the Gregory Isaacs for the Reggae Track of the Day. As ever, much LOVE for the Cool Ruler.

Phyllis Nelson and Move Closer soon followed. What a song! What a lady!

I had a slightly unexpected school work request later in the afternoon. It involves a new way of working, and one that will be interesting to see how it works out...

Anna and I both downed work tools with about an hour of sunlight remaining in the day. We were on a mission to stock up the sloe supplies ahead of another season of a gin home brew.

"Imagine being a sloe picker"

...said Anna.

"You are," I impatiently replied.

Ha, bloody ha.

And then more Friday night work, before catching up with the ODI and the Tour of GB.

We're cycling off to catch the Tour tomorrow.


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