A 7am work shift to start off Tuesday morning. I managed to get through four cups of tea before it came to a close at 8:30am.

I then took on the 7 Parachute Regiment and won.

The fellas were out for a pacy jog. I sped past them at ease. On my bicycle...

No goggle concerns in the pool for Tuesday morning. I didn't need to spit, either.

This all led to a powerful, functional swim: 40 lengths, a quick shower, and then back to base for more work.

I had some work training via Google Hangout. It was etiquette within the team to turn on the video camera.

I was wearing lycra and still sweating away after the bicycle ride.

The training was on crisis management. My role was to make some mischief in a mock situation.

I was rather good at this.

A run of further shifts took me through the remainder of Tuesday.

Robert Elms played Family's My Friend the Sun. It had a warm, fuzziness feel - perfect for the dying days of the late summer.

He then played Dancing in the Dark. I got up from the desk and obliged with my best Bruce bow-legged bounce.

I had a spare hour to get out and clear up the garden growth whilst I have been away in South London.

The leaves on the sticky thing on the side of the house are starting to turn a magnificent orange hue.

...which then leads to fortnight or so of nothing but sweeping them up.

The mad cat was particularly chatty late afternoon.

I know that this all sounds like pet ownership twaddle, but she does respond to a calling game when she is half-asleep at the foot of my desk.

Tuesday evening was spent watching the Aussie innings of the ODI.

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