The goggles got in the way of a good swim down at Lake Brockwell early on Monday morning.

As ever, there is no such thing as a bad swim.

But it's not exactly great when you need to stop at the end of each length to empty out half the water from the lido.

I'm not sure what happened here. This is a new pair that have been perfect all weekend. A conversation all about spitting then followed in the gents.

It all meant that only ten lengths was possible. I still felt bloody ACE and all set for the school day ahead.

I put aside some of the very, very stupid lido politics that are in danger of rearing their very ugly head once again in a few weeks.

Just let it bloody go, man.

I cycled up the road towards SE21 and the school day instead.

It was my first day back at what is my FAVE school.

Or was that SW9? Or maybe back in SE17?

They are all absolutely LOVELY to be honest.

There's been a few changes since the summer break. The new Sixth Form building is finished and opened for business. It is most impressive.

It was slightly weird seeing the new Year 7 pupils progressing to the secondary school. These are students that I have seen grow from Reception children. I enjoyed a brief session with them in the art studio.

I managed to get round all year groups during the day - not bad for a school that ranges from Reception to a Sixth Form.

I somehow found the energy to cycle all the way from SE21 over to bloody Liverpool Street at chucking out time as well.

I stopped off at De Lieto's along the way. Two loaves of Transpontine olive bread were bought. Year man slipped me a third for free.


It broke my heart to cycle past The Oval, just as the 'rrey were getting in their stride in the Royal London semi.

I had a hungry cat waiting for me back in bloody Essex.

I did let out a rather loud "C'MON THE 'RREY!' as I cycled past.

It was wonderful to cycle along the segregated CS7 for the first time heading up towards the Elephant.

And then back to over there and... I don't know what to be honest.

The evening was spent watching the Tour of GB highlights, a random work shift, and then editing some content captured during the school day.

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