Aches and pains to start a miserable Bank Holiday Monday weather wise.

I have been considering a bonkers idea of a 100 runs in 100 days.

I fell out of bed on Monday morning, such was the rickety nature of my joints from the run on Sunday.

But when you fall off a horse, the best thing to do is to get back on again.

And so I went for a run again.


The bloody weather didn't allow for much else.

A bit of weather watching throughout the past few days led me to pick up plenty of work shifts for the day. If I'm staying indoors then I might as well be earning.

In-between work shifts and the annual chore that is the tax return took up most of my time.

Anna is getting creative with her accounting. It's all above board, but she is finding hidden tax breaks that have previously passed us by.

I then tried to finish off the first draft of my Vice piece on festival cricket. It's a little rough; it's just not right.

I can't quite find the angle in which to pitch it on. I'll submit it, all the same.

We went out for the briefest of Bank Holiday walks late in the afternoon - to the train station and back.

It was the back bit that I didn't really like.


A little more work pitching, and then we settled down to watch the t20 game in full, recorded from earlier.

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