A damp run to start off a wet Sunday morning.

I slipped out of the house, leaving sleeping parents, a wife and a cat.

I could have just kept on running...

Only joking.

It was a decent run. I'm back in the Brockwell Park Run next Saturday after a six week absence.

Madam Pacemaker will be waiting.

The sleeping parents and sleeping wife then awoke. We all went out for a wood and Quayside walk.

The Colne was heavy, yet still. My legs felt the same.

And then a trip into Colchester for the Free Festival.

There was far too much to try and capture. I resolved to just wander around and try and photograph anything that took my fancy.

It was great catching up with some old friends who I should really see more often.

Sunday evening was spent trying to work out if the Stockwell flat has been flooded or not.


We're still none the wiser.

It ended with The Libertines live at Reading.

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