A 7am work shift to start the Bank Holiday weekend.


It was by choice, and was actually rather pleasant.

The fall out from the problems of Friday kept me busy for the remainder of the morning.

My soundtrack of choice was Marvin's Troubled Man. This wasn't deliberate.

The work shifts finished at 11am - my signal to head for a swim.

I was greeted by Rick Astley at the pool.

Not a pleasant experience.

I managed to swim underwater from one end of the pool to the other to drown out the drones of Rick.

I reached the other end, emerged for some air, and he was still banging on about never turning around and deserting you.

A quick dash back to base to meet the parents.

This wasn't a comedy movie.

But then again.

Some luncheon, and then we bused it to Brightlingsea.

The plan was for a ferry across the Mersea. But then it started to bloody rain and so we wimped out.

A brief walk along Brightlingsea beach [arf] followed. The lido looked particularly fallow in the fag end days of August.

I had plans for an evening of t20 finals action. But I was dragged out for a bloody meal.

Hey hoe.

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