A returning Anna from South London VERY early started off Friday morning.

She delivered Transpontine gifts, such as cheapo Lidl CHEESE.

How romantic.

I slipped out for a swim.

I had a lane to myself, with the aqua aerobics taking place on the other side of the lane rope.

It was slightly weird having an ex-work colleague from almost 30 years ago back in the Fair City, now dancing about in the same pool in a converted gas showroom.

But morning, Madam :blush:

Late Junction attempted to soothe me into the working morning.

A most delightful, original piece of solo piano playing was simply beautiful. I observed the unique arrangement, and wondered at such an enchanting piece of new music.

"That was a cover of the Beatles Help"


Work then became manic.

I can't really talk about specific clients, but one of them had a VERY BAD DAY at the office today.

I fought it off with some Greensleeves samplers, Vol 1 through to Vol 3.

A surprise new work opportunity came along around luncheon.

Job's a good 'un, as ever.

And then there was first utility.


I've finally managed to escape the clutches of the hapless utility company.

It will come as no surprise to learn that first utility is not a work client.

But wait! What's this?

Yet another bill from a company that I now have absolutely nothing to do with.

A quick flick through of my phone reveals that first utility is my most popular contact.

I live a shallow existence.

Work tools were downed early evening. I had just enough daylight for a quick garden tidy up ahead of weekend visitations.

It was all very exciting - I got to use the garden rake for the first time this season.

Anna and I disappeared for a brief Quayside walk, ahead of another hour of work back at base.

And then finally a bit of women's t20 actions, and DARTS.

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