An aching swim to start off Tuesday morning.

I always feel fantastic immediately after a run, but then the following morning and my legs start to fail. This was the case for Tuesday.

My lovely neighbour was in the adjacent lane.

It wasn't as awkward as it could have been. Pleasantries were swapped. We both pressed on with the lengths.

Back at base and the bloody Labour leadership contest greeted me as I tired to enjoy my Bran Flakes with 5Live.

Like a fool I listened for the full hour and a half.

A pleasant working day followed.

I was back on projects that I haven't touched since the start of the summer. A lot of time was spent reading up on policy.

There wasn't much happening on the soundtrack front. I had another play through of the new Stone Foundation album, and that was about it.

Conversations with the mad cat broke up the work silence.

The first school work of the new term dropped late afternoon. I haven't even got round to buying my new school shirts yet.

Stop / start Royal London Cup action at Trent Bridge gave me a chance to catch up with the Test highlights and La Vuelta.

And then to complete a rather miserable Tuesday - a second rejection from the Labour party, for apparently not supporting the aims and values of the party over the past 30 years.

I only applied once for supporter status.

whynotjointheabourparty etc.

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