A rather windy Wifey Weekend Roll Out to start off Sunday morning.

Anna had silly golfing commitments later in the day, and so this was always going to be a brief bike ride.

We settled on the Bobby George route, right past the Great Man's rather charming house.

After the sedate cycle ride to the beach yesterday, this was something of a full on sprint of a ride.

I felt strong on the run in and was on for a PR on the School Road Sprint Stretch at Elmstead.


By 2 seconds.

We saw another pair of riders during the final run in.

"Let's HAVE THEM!"

...declared Anna.

We did.

They were a bunch of cycle tourers.


I went straight from the ride and into the water.

A decent swim.

Operation Garden lasted all of ten minutes, thanks to the rain. I was rather pleased.

It gave me the chance to catch the tail end of the England innings in the Ashes.

A bittersweet defeat.

I had a couple of hours of work commitments, and then METROKNOBBERS with Darryl.

No surprises that I spoke about my apparent lack of Labour values, despite having supported and voted for the party for the past 30 years.


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