A Wifey Weekend Roll Out to start the weekend.

All the way to Walton as well.

I went on the tourer, rather than the roadie. No real reason, apart from not really being up for a technical ride.

It also wasn't exactly pacy. Anna was on her hybrid. We averaged just over 21 kmh for the run in to the beach.

Walton was absolutely LOVELY.

Bruncheon (yeah, yeah) was taken at our fave cliffside cafe.

Two large mugs of tea, carrot cake and a cornflake cake - and still change out of a grubby fiver.

The tide was just starting to come back in, and so we decided to make the most of the expanses of Essex golden sand.

We both fell asleep.

A slight paddle did follow, but only really to freshen up.

We both wimped out of the ride back to base and took the train instead.

A quick turn around, and then the optimistic shout of "TO THE CANOES!" went out.

For once we timed it just right.

High water was around 5:30pm. We floated out all the way with the incoming tide, making it as far as the mill in Colchester.

We actually peaked a little too soon.

The idea was to be washed back ashore as the tide turned. We had to hang around a bit before this could happen.

Saturday evening was spent with Test highlights, Football League catch ups and a surprisingly booze free few hours.

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