Plumbing problems to start off Tuesday.

Our shower hasn't ben working for two weeks. Don't judge us - that's what the swimming pool membership is for.

I finally got round to organising Mr Plumber to de-plumb me this morning.

I was convinced that the pump was knackered. It just wasn't kicking in.

Mr Plumber looked at the shower head, saw what a state it was in and said: yep, BINGO.

It turns out that it was so full of limescale crap that the pump had given up the will to live.

A quick clean of the head, and then soon I was able to give my own head a clean.

That's better.

And then a bit of a weird working day.

A few unexpected changes (change is good, etc - right...) and some work on a project that I haven't touched for some time.

The rain was relentless.

I only managed to leave the house to buy some milk.

The mad cat sat with me all afternoon at the desk from the Raj / Colchester.

What a sweet little thing.

Early evening saw a little planning around a Surrey QF in the Royal London Cup for next week.


And then some general admin catch ups with half an eye on the Man Utd match.

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