There were three in the bed and the little one said:

"Shove off, pal. Get out of our swimming lane."

Of course I was far too polite to suggest this on Monday morning. But it did annoy me how the fast lane designed for two was gatecrashed by a bloke who was doing the doggy paddle.

Local pool etiquette is take some time out in the spa and wait for the space.

In the end my swimming partner felt threatened sufficiently to give in and go.

Some swims are better than others.

Work was the usual stop / start.

Mid-morning was the first watering of the garden using the water butt since the spring months.

A heavy rainfall over the weekend has got my butt close to bursting.

That felt better.

A new Dr Chin video dropped later in the afternoon.

It is absolutely infantile and immature. It is Made in Stockwell. I LOVE it.

Paul Young popped in for a chat with @RobertElms late in the afternoon.


Iron out the Rough Spots was the track of choice. I'd forgotten how soulful the No Parlez album is.

More work, some Surrey cricket listening, and WOH - Monday was gone.

Booze and the Liverpool Vs Bournemouth match brought it all to a close.

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