A chalk and cheese Sunday compared to the running around town of Saturday.

Instead Anna and I rolled out on an estuary wilds ride to Gawd knows where.

Anna actually knows where we went, but as I ever, I took her back wheel and went along for the ride.

I pumped up the tyres on our roadies to the PSI max before we set off. The lack of friction on rubber to road could certainly be felt.

It also made me slightly jittery about punctures. This was no time to be wearing white lycra shorts.

Oh. wait.

As has become something of a summer Sunday routine, we arrived back at base smelling, and then went about getting even stinkier with some gardening.

The green sticky thing down the side of the house is a BEAST. It needs containing now on a weekly basis.

And here's me thinking that we killed it off when we had Mr Roof Man round this time last year.

I then cycled off to the pool to get cleaned up.

As ever - disclaimer, disclaimer - I showered heavily before putting the lengths in.

I didn't really put the lengths in to be honest - only 20 for today.

I had to be at Colchester Art Centre for a bit of work with the always charming @snippetcuts.

This was the third Warm and Toasty Club of the year. My remit was to blog the arse out of it.

Having stumbled around slightly during the first show, I now know what I can and can't get away with at the Arts Centre.

I'm pretty pleased with what I put together.

We had a visit from the lovely, lovely fella from Transition Town Wivenhoe later in the evening.

He has lovingly repaired both of my Brompton bags, which I thought were ready for the bin.

I slipped him some notes for his kindness.

A good day.

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