That was a day.

The main aim was to transport a bloody huge framed London street map from over there back to the Sunny Stockwell flat.

We opted for the incredibly early train. It was an absolute breeze carrying the large frame across an empty London public transport network.

And relax.

Or maybe not.

Anna had Lidl love to spread; I opted for a cheeky Lido swim instead.

It was LOVELY.

The water was absolutely perfect, although ever so slightly warm at 20 degrees.

I can't explain the science, but the impact of a heavy rain fall on Lake Brockwell brings out the freshness. You can cut through the water with an extra kick in your technique.

Sadly the Lidl / Lido balancing act meant that I only had time for ten lengths and a couple of Icicle conversation catch ups.

Ou est le Gai Pensionnaire?

A quick brush up back in Sunny Stockwell, and then we were Surrey Quays bounds.

Oh Lordy.

All that I know of Surrey Quays is that I once watched the A Team on the back row of an empty cinema with a male work colleague at 10am one morning, plus Decathlon.

It was the latter that was of interest on Saturday.

Various cycling, swimming and running bits and bobs were crossed off the list.

I managed to lose Anna in the bloody golf department.

The white lycra cycling shorts were an ACE find. I've been after a pair for a couple of years now.

They bring out the best / worst in a rider.

They look great if you want to wave around the meat and two veg. The reverse look 'aint so good if you are having something of a 'panicky' ride.

But I bought them all the same.

Anna then dragged me one stop up to Canary Wharf.


I HATE everything about the area.

Except the new Crossrail Place garden.


It was adorable. I was surprised that it was on Anna's radar.

We spent half an hour enjoying all of the green action, and then settled down in the heart of corporate London to dive into a Lidl lunch.

It was everything that bloody Pop Brixton should have been.

We then headed out into town. On the agenda was the final weekend of the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy.

I'm kinda ashamed to say that Anna waved some fancy work reward scheme on her phone at the ticket desk, and we walked straight in.

It was a little overwhelming with so much art to try and take in.

In the end you are drawn to the big hitters.

The Harry Hill of Damien Hurst was amusing - or was it the other way around?

The day then became something of a clearing of the decks of all of the things that we have wanted to do around town for the past couple of months.

Sadly flat restoration / painting pains have taken up most of the spare time.

We headed up towards KX for a look around Granary Square. I've not really done the North London thing since my Guardian days.

The wild tales of regeneration that I have been hearing about lived up to the expectations.

My thoughts were that the green parts of the area have been purposely put in place ahead of the housing.

Build it and they will buy, etc.

We wandered up as far as the outdoor KX Pond. We were too late to try and organise a pair of swimming tickets. It wasn't quite my type of swimming experience to be honest.

And then the clock was counting down. The mad cat was waiting.

We headed back to over there.

That was a day.

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