A wet ride and a wet swim.

Full marks there for identifying the properties of water, if not being able to read a simple weather forecast.

I arrived at the pool dropping wet in lycra.

I stripped off, dived into a wet pool, towelled off and then put on wet lycra and got drenched yet again for the ride home.

The working day was another collision of a his 'n' hers from home.

I overheard Anna's corporate call and rolled my eyes.

I then looked at my screen at the task I was completing and thought... whoops.

If you can't beat 'em, etc.

Early evening saw something of a commotion in the garden. There was plenty of flapping and general chaos on the lawn.

Where's the mad cat?

Oh Lordy.

The little KILLER had half-decapitated a baby thrush :disappointed:

The mother was going mental in a nearby tree.

We tried to save the poor bird by putting it out of reach of the mad cat and back with the mother.

I don't like to dwell on what the outcome was.

The mad cat is now GROUNDED.

Booze and yet more t20 cricket welcomed in the weekend.

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