The pool had a Dettol smell and taste to it on Thursday morning.


I didn't last long to be honest.

Forty lengths was your lot. And then an ASAP shower in the rush to avoid West Ham Wanker who wanted to unload his life's thoughts on Joey Barton upon me.

See ya, Fella.

Work wise was pretty intense with one of the clients rolling out an 'A' Level online campaign.

I'm not the world's greatest fan of marketing, but it was pretty clever stuff.

It kept me ticking over all day.

The estuary wilds weather was pretty... wild.

Sunshine one moment, and then thunderstorms the next.

I considered putting Anna's bloody chilli plants outside, y'know, to catch the sun, like.

And then whoops - the rain has toppled them over.

But no.

They remain in the kitchen, growing by the day and taking over any available space as we feel at one with nature as we're microwaving another meal.

Not that's it's a personal issue for me, you understand.

I pitched another piece to Vice magazine. 1,500 words is required. I could write 10,000 to be honest.

Anna returned from Transpontonia early evening.

I was already three bottles of BOOZE in with the second t20 quarter final.

Oh dear.

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