Another week, another Wifey Weekend Roll Out.

I was up for it, Anna wasn't.

We headed out towards Lawford, and then looped back. I had ambitions of continuing out towards the coast. But bloody gardening got in the way of this.

We both hacked away for a good couple of hours ahead of luncheon.

Gosh, it's a bloody mess.

That's a little harsh. The freshness of the early summer shoots have now started to show signs of early autumn decay.

It kinda sums up my own body right now.

We both agreed that a re-think is needed - garden, not body.

It all goes VERY green in August. We need a little more colour.

And so a morning of cycling and swimming and we were both STINKIN'

Absolutely STINKIN'

We cycled off to pool to clean up and splash about.

It was beautiful. No one else was around.

I paced Anna for 30 lengths, and then she wimped out. I breathed an understated, underwater sigh of relief.

Anna headed back to base for some work; I kept on cycling to Castle Park for the final session of the cricket.

After two intense tired and emotional days with the 'rrey, my body wasn't really ready for a third.

I did a brief photo walk, and then sat with the other 'rrey boys and had a couple of beers.

Sadly I can't make day 4 in the morning.

Sunday evening was bizarrely spent watching the Wings Rockshow concert.

Yer man Macca strummed up the first chords of Yesterday.

"I don't recognise this"

...said Anna.

Oh dear.

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