A swim, cricket in Castle Park, and then football and cricket back at home.

Plus plenty of BOOZE.

That just about sums up Saturday.

It's the WEIRD time of the year when the cricket and football seasons cross over. It is just WRONG.

I tried to ignore the football whilst knocking back the cheapo tinnies of Fosters whilst watching Surrey. But the blokes behind me kept on giving out the live scores.

Castle Park was GLORIOUS in the Sunny Colch sun. Surrey made a game of it as well late in the afternoon.

We had some train cock ups for the journey home.

Tired, emotional and over-heated.

It wasn't the best way to get rid of an all day hangover.

The Ashes highlights on TV helped, and then the slightly confused new Football League highlights package on C5.

A work in progress.

We're pondering Day 3 of the 'rrey in Castle Park tomorrow.

My body could do with a break to be honest.

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