Music being piped into the pool is never acceptable.

Except when it is the first three chords of Suzanne Vega's Luka.

I was underwater before the first verse even started - I just don't get the point of poolside music.

But it was a very welcome brief soundtrack in which to go through the strokes.

Work is slowing down. Short bursts, rather than full on shifts.

It allowed me some time late in the afternoon to retreat to the hammock.

I was in a bit of a random music mood.

I started off with the Blow Monkeys, moved on to Black and then the whole of Anita Baker's Rapture album.

I haven't heard it in probably over a decade. It still sounded rich and majestic.

The most spectacular dragonfly landed on the hammock as I was about to make a move back indoors for some more work. It was stunningly beautiful. It was so close that I could observe the variations in head nodding and tail wagging.

Yeah - I've become a bloody hippy.

Anna and I then went out for an early evening Quayside walk.

No real reason, except I had some Friday night work shifts and fancied a break.

It was strangely quiet down by the front.

And then work.

And Ashes highlights.

A most strange cricketing summer.

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