There was NO ONE in the pool this morning, and NO ONE in the gym.

I was slightly worried, thinking that this can't be good for the long term business.

But I got me head down and enjoyed the space.

50 power lengths later and WOH - I was ready for the day ahead.

Which meant getting very wet on the cycle ride home, and then being stung by a bloody bee as I was about to start a short climb.


That bloody hurt.

A returning Anna came back from Cumbria mid-morning baring gifts from the north.

OH HAI matching Aldi lycra shorts and top.

For £8.99 each a pop they are bloody good value for money.

We did have a laugh over the branding though. Made up corporate names align the lycra, simply because... that's what cycling kits now look like.

The mad cat was so excited by all of this new activity that she literally shit herself.

A relatively quiet work day followed.

I tried early evening to opt out of paying for BT Sport and the bloody Champions League.

I have absolutely no interest.

The very patient BT bod didn't quite understand how it is possible to be a football fan, yet still despise the Champions League.

I didn't mention the two stars on the Forest badge...

It was all pretty annoying / rewarding.

A couple of months ago I was offered a couple of quid discount here and there on a new BT deal for TV, broadband and phone.

Foolishly I agreed to be locked in for another twelve months.

And then whaddya know - BT announces a price rise.

The purpose of the phone call was to cancel BT Sport before the charges kick in.

"But we also offer Avia Premiership Rugby, Sir."

I came close to hanging up.

But yeah yeah - I did it again. I signed up for another 12 months being locked in, but at no price increase on the current deal.

The patient BT bod stopped short of guaranteeing that there will be no further price increase over the next 12 months.

Thursday evening was then spent watching Ashes highlights on C5, and various historical Labour party videos on youtube.

I didn't touch by BT Box.

Oh dear.

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