Connection and clicking problems for Wednesday.

My modern interweb is b0Rked.

Or rather it was b0Rked. My bodge tinkering may have just kicked it back online.

Just kick it until it breaks etc.

I first started to notice connectivity issues yesterday evening.

I slept on it.

But the magic modern interweb fairy failed to appear overnight. I had a heavy online work day ahead and needed to be online.

What was frustrating was the hit and miss nature of the issue. Some work sites were fine, others not so.

As ever, if in doubt I did a hard reboot of the router, then a manual reset, and then changed the channel of the hub.

I then disappeared for a swim, hoping that the modern interweb fairy wouldn't be frightened away.

It appears that the magic dust has been sprinkled and I'm back at full capacity.

It sounds terribly shallow, but my work output for the past day or so has probably been at about 50% lower because of the issues.

As for the clicks?

That will be my knackered knee. It's as though I've got a ball and chain attached to my leg, such is the sound that the knee is making when I'm walking up the stairs.

Clickety click.

Much more pleasant for Wednesday was the mad cat. She's such a forgiving little thing.

Having SPLATTED her with the worming syringe on the back of the neck, she now won't stop following me around.


She slept on my chest for most of Tuesday night.


Anna is back tomorrow. The fickle little thing will soon switch her strategic attention elsewhere - mad cat, not Anna.

Attention then turned towards the cricket. Sadly it was second best with the Test, and not the first choice of Surrey.

Anna was at The Oval - something that I became aware of when she started to send me photos of the winning scene out in the middle.


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