Some more early morning work 'buddying' to start Tuesday.

It all sounds rather odd, but it just about works.

Work screen were shared, ideas were exchanged.

Ahh - so that's how you do it. Well I never.

I then cycled off for a brief swim.

A year or so of construction work en route is coming to an end. I had the pleasure of cycling along some freshly laid pav. I put on my best Paris-Roubaix face.


The swim was strong. I could have done without bloody Dire Straits being pumped into the pool though.

Mt Snorkel Man was doing his snorkel thing.

I find it slightly creepy to be honest.

An afternoon of 'exciting new work projects...' and then I hit the household chores early evening.

The windows were washed and the garden was watered.

And then it started to rain.


Glamorgan Vs Kent took up most of Tuesday evening. It confirmed my opinion that 50 over cricket is my FAVE format.

I got slightly tired and emotional with some out of date Fosters, and then decided that it would be a good time to settle my tax bill.

I was punching in random numbers to be honest.

Oh dear.

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