Nice weather for ducks.

No swim, no run and most definitely no bicycle ride.


Instead I'm slowly working through the backlog on my personal To Do list. It's been building up over the past 18 months to be honest.

Sunday morning was all about trying to complete the task of transferring a decade of images bundled up across 30 CDRs into Pixa.

I'm acutely aware that CDRs are dead. I need these files on my main Mac and backed up whilst I still have a machine that will physically take a CDR.

I made good progress on the process, if not the perusal.

I could be lost for hours in looking back over the images that I haven't seen in over ten years.

This is a joyous task that can come at a later date.

I did give myself a slap on the back though for being so organised in digital days gone by and steadfastly adding dates to every image that was taken.

I stumbled across the Reggae Cover Lounge mid-morning.

It was absolutely ACE.

Cheesy as chuff, but that's half the appeal.

I've mentioned many times before that I'm continually searching out all the early 80s Greensleeves cover versions that we use to shift by the box load off the Victoria Market record stall back in the day. This is the closest that I've come to finding something similar.

The rain then increased the tempo, and so did my online image activity.

The mad cat slept through it all.

Continued rain meant... housework.

Make hay, etc.

I got it all done, top to bottom. Quite an achievement.

I recorded METROKNOBBERS with Darryl early evening.

Darts got in the way of editing, but I managed to publish it just before bedtime.

Sweet dreams.

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