A bit of a back to front day.

It started with some early morning work shifts, then a brief morning break for some Brixton Buzz action, a cheeky mid-morning swim and then WORK. All the way through until early evening.

The swim was another of those WOH - where the chuffers did that come from?

I felt strong on the bicycle ride to the pool. I was King of the Colchester Mountains. I was in a race with only one competitor - me.

An empty lane greeted me at the pool, and then empty lanes for the bicycle ride back to base.

Thursday afternoon was spent with Cover to Cover with Robert Elms: Be Thankful for What You've Got - William DeVaughn Vs Massive Attack.

It was ACE.

Perfect for a lazy summer afternoon.

Massive Attack got the head nods. I plodded along with the afternoon work shifts in a bit of a trip hop breeze.

I started to receive the first flurry of emails from right wing Labour Leadership twonks later in the afternoon.

Having handed over my £3, it's a small price to pay balanced against fighting for socialism once again.

That nice Yvette Cooper wanted to know why I had rejoined the fold.

To kick out Neo-Con capitalists like you, Madam came the reply.


whynotjointheLabourparty etc.

And then there was the mad cat.

Oh dear.

I'm flying solo once again for the next week or so with Anna up in the Lakes.

Which means mad cat duty.

Late in the working day she dragged me from the office and all the way downstairs.

The purpose?

She wanted a poo, and wanted me to watch.

Cheers, dear.

I had some more work buddying in the evening. Thankfully it finished just in time to catch the Hampshire innings on TV in the t20 twaddle.

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