Another day where the work got in the way of the play.

It didn't get off to a good start when an early morning haircut meant that I missed my swim.

Boo for waiting around at the barbers.

Hurrah for the new haircut!

I think.

I'm experimenting - as much as a balding 40-something bloke can experiment.

My hair 'collapsed' about six months ago. I can't really describe it in any other way. It just stopped being spiky.

I think it is falling out to be honest.

And so farewell to a No.2 on top, hello to a No. 1.


That looks sharp.

I've got six weeks of home working to live with it, before deciding if it is a little too sharp for school.

Back at base and it was ACE to hear Robert Elms on BBC London once again. Boy I've missed his London-centric ways.

I had half an eye on the TV t20 twaddle early evening ahead of Anna returning from South London.

We then watched Le Tour together, grimacing slightly at the danger of the descents.

The mysterious Brixton Green re-published a most odd statement later in the evening. There's not much else I can add for now, except to say that the lies against Brixton Buzz have gone AWOL.

What a very strange organisation.

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