A Wifey Weekend Roll Out ride characterised by hills and strong head winds to start Sunday morning.

Anna took me out on a new route that she has discovered / made up. I had absolutely no idea where we were.

Some of the climbs were quite challenging. As ever I am a scaredy cat when it comes to the descent.

We went from land to sea with a quick turn around for a canoe paddle after luncheon.

The plan was simply to splash around. We ended up making it to the other end of the Roman River.

We paddled against the wind and tide heading out. It was tough, and at times we were actually travelling backwards.

I was tempted for some skinny dipping at Fingringhoe - which is not quite as rude as it sounds.

But the water was running out on us with a rapidly reversing tide.

I thought that it would be an easy journey back to the Quay. I ended up getting grounded in some mud.


A not very dignified relaunch was required using my hands.

The estuary sun was GLORIOUS. This must mean that it was hammock time back at base. I fell asleep within minutes.

Sunday evening was spent with a major gardening clean up with Anna. It's gone pretty wild whilst we've both been in South London.

The Test and Le Tour concluded Sunday.

Big working day of changes coming up tomorrow.

Slight nerves.

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