I wandered around the Lambeth Country Show site early on Saturday morning ahead of the lido swim. It was the calm before the storm.

Last minute preparations were being put in place ahead of the opening some four hours later.

LOVE this time of the year.

The lido swim itself was something of a calming experience as well.

The water was the clearest it has been all month. I used the swim to clear my hangover from Friday night.

A brief cycle back to Sunny Stockwell for some household chores, and then I was Brockwell Park bound once again.

I had a meeting with one of the Nu Labour lot in Lambeth that I can actually tolerate.

Let's leave it at that...

A lido double dip followed. It would have ben rude not to with Lake Brockwell beckoning me ahead of the Country Show nonsense.

Ah yes - the Lambeth Country Show.

ACE-ed it.

I was joined yet again by Red Maz of Bal'ham. We did the same thing that we have done for the past two decades: systematically walking up EVERY aisle, exploring all the stalls and snapping away.

The Country Show changes ever so slightly every year, yet somehow it still manages to hold together all that is brilliant in the borough.

It was noticeably a larger site than last year.

We took a little time out mid-afternoon to sit in the Walled Garden. The dub heavy sound floated over, yet the garden remained a place of escape and tranquility.

By law, Chucklehead Cider should have followed next. But the queues were HUGE.

I hadn't really recovered from the night before on the piss at the cricket with... Red Maz of Bal'ham.

It was a wise decision as I had chores to complete later back in Sunny Stockwell.

I cycled late afternoon back through Brixton and caught up briefly with the other folk also having a hard time of it of late with the mysterious Community Interest Company.

Ahh - but whose community and in exactly whose interest, Comrades?

Back at the flat I edited and published the Country Show pics to BBuzz.

And then headed back to over there for what might be a considerable time period.

Oh dear.

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