Temperature talk dominated the morning lido swim for Friday.

What is this?

Freezing February once again?

Causing concern was the newly installed digital temperature board, poolside at a delightful 1937 art deco building.

"If only we had a visible way in which to find out what the current water temperature is"

...observed one hunk of a lido wag.

I pressed on with the swim. I felt strong after the early All Bran.

Twenty lengths was the aim. In the end I had to settle for fourteen with the final assembly of the school year counting down at 9am.

It was worth the rush. Having rehearsed Singing in the Rain all term at two schools, I'm now note perfect.

The kids were ACE, as ever.

I then took part is some Treasure Island drama [Narrator] and then some end of term Scooby Doo video viewing.


The last afternoon session was party time.

It was very, very funny.

I'll be smiling for the next six weeks.

I cycled off to Windrush Square late afternoon. A late contribution has been added to the Urban Art display.

There's not much more I can say about it, for now.

And then Friday evening was all about being on the piss with the 'rrey.

Chin chin.

Red Maz of Bal'ham and I opted for the Member's section in the OCS, rather than the Pavilion.

We were rewarded with an empty John Major Bar, and a win for Surrey.

C'mon the 'rrey!

All about the Lambeth Country Show tomorrow :blush:

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