A tip tap typing heavy early start to the day.

I had to make a decision late last night: do I tip tap type heavy through until 3am, or be in bed by 10am and then do all the tapping away at 6am?

Increasingly I am a morning person.

I have made too many online errors in thinking that I could achieve something at three in the morning.

Thankfully my work commitments allowed for some flexibility.

Everything was caught up with by 10am. I even had time to do some ironing ahead of an 11am work shift.

I slipped in a cheeky luncheon lido swim at 1pm. One half of the pool was full of school tripping kids.

I shared a lane with one other swimmer.

The new electronic temperature board was being installed.

I had a brief chat with the workmen. I asked if it was magically linked to the pool itself?

"Nah, mate. Someone in the office just taps in whatever temperature they like."

You bounder! You cheat!

I cycled straight from Herne Hill over to SE17 for an afternoon at school.

There was only really on thing on the agenda: Year 6 Leaver's Assembly :disappointed:

This gets me every year.

I hide behind a camera and pretend that I'm not sad to see the young folk move on.

It's not any individuals per se, but just the collective bunch.

These are kids that I have watched grow up over the past eight years. Leaver's Assembly is always the last time that I will get to see them together again.

The teaching staff were SUPERB. It can't be an easy task speaking for over an hour, praising each pupil in an overheated school hall. They carried it off to perfection.

I stayed around a short while for the Leaver's Tea, and also said a few farewells to some departing staff.

I then cycled back to Sunny Stockwell and published all of the Leaver's pics.

The front garden at the flat needed tackling mid-evening.

This means one thing: CHAINSAW, f-yeah.

Actually the garden wasn't that bad. It does need a tidy up every couple of weeks though. I was pleased to only find one empty beer can tucked away behind the front wall.

And then bed.

Before 10pm as well.


BEST Day of the school year tomorrow :blush:

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