A civilised lovely lido midweek swim to start Wednesday.

I'm not sure which I enoyed most - the waters of Lake Brockwell or the charming changing room conversation with @@sweetbriar49.

A short cycle ride along CHL, through Camberwell and then I was in place for a school day in SE17.


There was very much an end of term feeling.

Not long to go now...

I took some time out myself at lunchtime to sit in Burgess Park for fifteen minutes. I use to do this every lunchtime back in the day.

The park layout has changed slightly, but it's a peaceful place so close to the Walworth Road.

I must vist Chumleigh Gardens again soon.

But Wednesday was all about the Year 6 School Play, always a highlight in the school calendar.

Shakespeare Rocks... ROCKED.

It was genuinely quite wonderful to see all of the preparation for the past two months or so fall into shape.

Each year I'm in absolute awe of what the students and teaching staff manage to achieve.

I ran out of storage space on my iPhone whilst videoing the final song. Must remember my Mac policy of small form factor added in with maxing out on storage.

I was straight off the stage [sorta] and straight into the top tier of the Pavilion for another late afternoon spent on the piss with the 'rrey.

Except I was sipping on Surrey tea once again.

I stayed for a couple of hours, and then had to head back to the flat to catch up with all of the school work from the day.

Anna arrived back in Sunny Stockwell just after 7pm.

"Wow - what a performance!"

...she said.

Was she talking about the Year 6 school play?

Close, but she had more in mind Surrey skittling out Kent before the close of play.

It turns out that I missed five wickets by departing The Oval with twenty minutes of play left in the day.


Red Maz from Bal'ham visited us early evening.

It was a cricketing / social visit. Her hair matched the new colour scheme of our flat.

The rest of Thursday was taken up with editing school play videos.

Job's a good 'un.

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