A bit of a blurry eyed start to Tuesday following the early morning BBuzz Cabinet action.

I was in need of purification. I was in need of Lake Brockwell.

What I found instead was a breakfast conversation with the Icicles about the 'Tranny on a piano.'

All was well with my world once again.

As expected, the lovely lido swim was BEAUTIFUL.

The water was almost as cloudy as the skies above. But it was an outdoor pool and I had a lane to myself.

Twelve hours previous and I was in despair about the 'democracy' that puts itself up as a Cabinet meetings.


Sadly the Cressingham folk on the other side of the park probably weren't waking up feeling so sky high on life.

I had some work buddying shifts back in the flat. That all sounds a little seedy. It wasn't.

I fired up Skype, shared my screen and then almost forgot about the non-work tabs that I had open.


I had ambitious plans to sneak in the morning session at The Oval. Sadly it didn't happen.

It was heads downs, complete the work and then hopefully be free for some Surrey action shortly after the tea break.

I was sitting in the Pavilion for the tail end of the Kent innings, and just in time to see Sam Curran take a fifer on his first class County Championship debut.

What a man / boy.

Surrey seemed to get their heads down for the start of the second innings.

And so did I.

I picked up a signal on the top tier of the Pavilion and managed to edit and publish all of the school content gathered in SE21 the day before.

I've got a busy run of school commitments coming up over the next few days. I just know that if the content is left sitting on my hard drive then it will probably remain there.

Anna gatecrashed the Sunny Stockwell party early evening. It was another in those now all too familiar His 'n' Hers SW8 evenings.

I think that we could both get use to this...

And then some more work training late in the evening, and then Le Tour together in bed.



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