Another early morning spent messing about with lido Vs run decisions.

It was hardly raining, but the drizzle was enough to put me off a bicycle ride over to the lovely lido... to get wet.

I had no such concerns about lugging my aching frame around Clap'ham Common.

It was actually a half-decent run. I struggled climbing the stairs back into the flat.

The rain more or less stopped around 8:30am - perfect for a ride out towards Herne Hill and a school day spent in the lovely SE21.

This was my final work day in SE21 for the school year. Any thoughts on taking it easy were soon forgotten the moment I walked through the school gates.


Boy Y asked me late in the day:

"Sir - is it that you are a professional?"

I think that this was a compliment. But you never can tell with Boy Y.


I cycled straight from SE21 over to The Oval for the final session in play between the 'rrey and Kent.

The Umps were playing funny buggers with the light metres.

Apparently The Oval floodlights were making it too bright for the natural light.

The players went off, then back on again, and then finally off for the evening.

I enjoyed a lovely Oval cup of tea and a doughnut from the school staff room.

A brief wash and brush up back at base [yeah, right] and then I was back in Brixton for the July meeting of the Lambeth Cabinet.

Oh Lordy.

How did this happen again?

My interest was mainly in the whole Cressingham debate for a Brixton Buzz piece.

Some interesting characters turned up to sit next to me...

Monday evening was then spent writing the Buzz piece ahead of publication on Tuesday morning.

I had a mild panic very late in the evening when Google Cal wasn't showing any content past next week.


It was the bloody slow broadband connection in the flat.

And relax.

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