A planned early morning roll out with Anna was abandoned thanks to the bloody rain.

I think that we were both secretly quite pleased,still suffering aching limbs from the Saturday ride.

And so I decided to go for a run instead.


Gosh that was slow. I clocked around two minutes slower than the usual time for once around the University route.

I recuperated by falling asleep on a train all the way over to South London.

Once Transpontine bound, I did a brief Lidl run to stock me up for the rest of the week.

I confess that there is little variation to my Lidl diet.

I then cycled off to Urban Art.

I LOVE this event. It seems to get bigger and better each year.

The plan was for a simple hit and run five minute photo shoot. I ended up staying a couple of hours.

I had my walking head on, if not my walking boots. For some strange reason I set off up towards Tulse Hill.

I've not been around this side of town for a few years now. Not much had changed. I think that this is reassuring.

This could all be different in 24 hours time though with Cabinet due to vote on Cressingham Gardens.

I took a few photos around the estate, and then walked back through Brockwell Park.

I'm use to running UP Cressingham hill with the Park Run, rather than walking down. I hadn't really realised how bloody steep it is.

And then I was back by Cold Water Lane, and back where I left the bike.

Ambitious plans for chores around the flat were soon forgotten.

I was knackered.

I spent the remainder of Sunday editing photos instead.

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