A Wifey Weekend Roll Out to start Saturday morning.

We were both saddle rusty and took a while to find our rhythm.

The early morning traffic out of Colchester was pretty hairy. I had a few near misses escaping out to the estuary lanes.

Once we hit the main route then it was a joyful ride. Few cars, but plenty of other Saturday morning cyclists making the most of the perfect riding conditions.

Abberton Reservoir looked low.

VERY low.

No such concerns at the pool as we stopped off on the way home for a brief swim.

It was another empty lane Saturday. I chose to swim in parallel with Anna.

She wimped out after the first couple of lengths. She could have taken me to be honest. Don't tell her that.

And then the rest of Saturday was more or less about Transpontine preparations.

I'm heading over to South London tomorrow for the next week or so. Works bits and bobs needed to be put in place.

The first Test victory was spent in the hammock with TMS. I woke up just in time to hear Moeen take the catch.

And then with the temperature dropping slightly, I put in an hour of gardening.

I think that all three baby hedgehogs have now grown up and departed. I hope that I don't get to see them again as roadkill :disappointed:

I've absolutely no idea why, but I finally signed up for an Instagram account early evening.

A number of friends don't touch Twitter or Facebook, but enjoy sharing photos. I rather like the beauty and simplicity of simply capturing a moment with few words.

A bit more work reading of ultra corporate documents filled the gap waiting for Anna to return from bloody golf.

And then we caught up with the Test and Le Tour.


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