It was more of a stretch than a swim at the pool first thing on Friday.

An empty lane, and so I deliberately chose to concentrate on my technique, rather than fitness.

It was fantastic. I managed 50 lengths.

A brief wander around the garden back at base. The tomatoes have now started to ripen. I picked three for my baguette luncheon.

Work then ate up most of the morning.

With so many sporting distractions available, I decided to work in silence. Le Tour, the Ashes and Wimbledon could all be caught up with later.

Which also meant that I missed another Style Council four-fer with @RobertElms.


I'll catch up with it tomorrow. I hope the usual cliches weren't played out.

Anna came back from a week away at work early evening.

We celebrated with BOOZE.

Plus the Kent Vs Somerset t20, Le Tour and then the Ashes.

LOVE this time of the year.

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