Competing work, competing sport.

The Ashes, Le Tour, Wimbledon, um, work.

What's a work at home man to do?


That's what.

I did allow myself to catch the first over of the Test match though.

Some rather amusing correspondence from a certain PR person at a certain local authority then followed.

Tip: Don't flag your emails with NOT FOR PUBLICATION if you are attempting to manipulate the local news agenda.

It was another ADORABLE day with the mad cat.

Yeah, yeah, get over-sentimental etc, but she was talking to me.

Well, squeaks and meowwws on demand.

It's a bit of a call and response situation. But I do get a muted sound back if I start off the conversation.

Oh the joys of home working. Talking to the animals. It's come to that.

The chore of the daily garden water was thankfully aborted with some afternoon showers.

I then set off to Sunny Colch early evening for the CBC Cabinet meeting.

As ever, everything got politicised.

Oh dear.

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