The early morning garden inspection revealed the first ripening of the tomatoes.

Actually it's not as regimented as that. I went outside to bin some cat poo and the tomatoes caught my eye.

I wonder what / who has been fertilising them?

Random work shifts filled up the morning. I bought some more Globe tickets to see me through the rest of the Bankside season.

I then tinkered around with setting up some feeds with varying success.

I set up an auto feed so that any Chronic tweets also use the magic of @ifttt and find their way over to the Facebook page.

Twitter is my platform of choice. It's where the Chronic gets most of the audience and the engagement crap.

But that's not to say that I should ignore Facebook.

I'm not a great fan of cross-posting on both platforms. I'll see how it works out.

And then I attempted to set up an auto feed so that any blog posts from a certain site get caught in an RSS feed, and then make it over to the Wivenhoe Forum automatically.

I'm not sure how successful this has been. I need to wait until the certain site gets some content created first.

The afternoon was spent editing some school content from SW9.

Anna I and then rolled out on an early evening ride. The bloody Essex gravel DIY approach to road repairs hit us once again.


A bit of late evening gardening followed.

Apparently I pulled up a weed that wasn't a weed, but some flower that Anna had bought.


And then Le Tour highlights.


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