Music being piped into the pool is never acceptable.

Except when it is the first three chords of Suzanne Vega's Luka.

I was underwater before the first verse even started - I just don't get the point of poolside music.

But it was a very welcome brief soundtrack in which to go through the strokes.

Work is slowing down. Short bursts, rather than full on shifts.

It allowed me some time late in the afternoon to retreat to the hammock.

I was in a bit of a random music mood.

I started off with the Blow Monkeys, moved on to Black and then the whole of Anita Baker's Rapture album.

I haven't heard it in probably over a decade. It still sounded rich and majestic.

The most spectacular dragonfly landed on the hammock as I was about to make a move back indoors for some more work. It was stunningly beautiful. It was so close that I could observe the variations in head nodding and tail wagging.

Yeah - I've become a bloody hippy.

Anna and I then went out for an early evening Quayside walk.

No real reason, except I had some Friday night work shifts and fancied a break.

It was strangely quiet down by the front.

And then work.

And Ashes highlights.

A most strange cricketing summer.

07/31/15; 04:44:15 PM

There was NO ONE in the pool this morning, and NO ONE in the gym.

I was slightly worried, thinking that this can't be good for the long term business.

But I got me head down and enjoyed the space.

50 power lengths later and WOH - I was ready for the day ahead.

Which meant getting very wet on the cycle ride home, and then being stung by a bloody bee as I was about to start a short climb.


That bloody hurt.

A returning Anna came back from Cumbria mid-morning baring gifts from the north.

OH HAI matching Aldi lycra shorts and top.

For £8.99 each a pop they are bloody good value for money.

We did have a laugh over the branding though. Made up corporate names align the lycra, simply because... that's what cycling kits now look like.

The mad cat was so excited by all of this new activity that she literally shit herself.

A relatively quiet work day followed.

I tried early evening to opt out of paying for BT Sport and the bloody Champions League.

I have absolutely no interest.

The very patient BT bod didn't quite understand how it is possible to be a football fan, yet still despise the Champions League.

I didn't mention the two stars on the Forest badge...

It was all pretty annoying / rewarding.

A couple of months ago I was offered a couple of quid discount here and there on a new BT deal for TV, broadband and phone.

Foolishly I agreed to be locked in for another twelve months.

And then whaddya know - BT announces a price rise.

The purpose of the phone call was to cancel BT Sport before the charges kick in.

"But we also offer Avia Premiership Rugby, Sir."

I came close to hanging up.

But yeah yeah - I did it again. I signed up for another 12 months being locked in, but at no price increase on the current deal.

The patient BT bod stopped short of guaranteeing that there will be no further price increase over the next 12 months.

Thursday evening was then spent watching Ashes highlights on C5, and various historical Labour party videos on youtube.

I didn't touch by BT Box.

Oh dear.

07/30/15; 02:10:41 PM

Connection and clicking problems for Wednesday.

My modern interweb is b0Rked.

Or rather it was b0Rked. My bodge tinkering may have just kicked it back online.

Just kick it until it breaks etc.

I first started to notice connectivity issues yesterday evening.

I slept on it.

But the magic modern interweb fairy failed to appear overnight. I had a heavy online work day ahead and needed to be online.

What was frustrating was the hit and miss nature of the issue. Some work sites were fine, others not so.

As ever, if in doubt I did a hard reboot of the router, then a manual reset, and then changed the channel of the hub.

I then disappeared for a swim, hoping that the modern interweb fairy wouldn't be frightened away.

It appears that the magic dust has been sprinkled and I'm back at full capacity.

It sounds terribly shallow, but my work output for the past day or so has probably been at about 50% lower because of the issues.

As for the clicks?

That will be my knackered knee. It's as though I've got a ball and chain attached to my leg, such is the sound that the knee is making when I'm walking up the stairs.

Clickety click.

Much more pleasant for Wednesday was the mad cat. She's such a forgiving little thing.

Having SPLATTED her with the worming syringe on the back of the neck, she now won't stop following me around.


She slept on my chest for most of Tuesday night.


Anna is back tomorrow. The fickle little thing will soon switch her strategic attention elsewhere - mad cat, not Anna.

Attention then turned towards the cricket. Sadly it was second best with the Test, and not the first choice of Surrey.

Anna was at The Oval - something that I became aware of when she started to send me photos of the winning scene out in the middle.


07/29/15; 03:02:43 PM

Some more early morning work 'buddying' to start Tuesday.

It all sounds rather odd, but it just about works.

Work screen were shared, ideas were exchanged.

Ahh - so that's how you do it. Well I never.

I then cycled off for a brief swim.

A year or so of construction work en route is coming to an end. I had the pleasure of cycling along some freshly laid pav. I put on my best Paris-Roubaix face.


The swim was strong. I could have done without bloody Dire Straits being pumped into the pool though.

Mt Snorkel Man was doing his snorkel thing.

I find it slightly creepy to be honest.

An afternoon of 'exciting new work projects...' and then I hit the household chores early evening.

The windows were washed and the garden was watered.

And then it started to rain.


Glamorgan Vs Kent took up most of Tuesday evening. It confirmed my opinion that 50 over cricket is my FAVE format.

I got slightly tired and emotional with some out of date Fosters, and then decided that it would be a good time to settle my tax bill.

I was punching in random numbers to be honest.

Oh dear.

07/28/15; 02:31:32 PM

Cursed the three stroke man in the pool.

I have a relatively elegant freestyle stroke. I have high arms and a trailing technique for my legs.

I have been complimented before on my total emersion style of swimming.

But cursed the three stroke man in the pool.

I just can't pull off three strokes underwater, and then rotate each side for air.

Bloody three stroke man in the pool was carrying it off to perfection on Monday morning.

I left after 40 lengths in protest.

The remainder of Monday was spent with new work projects and falling out with the mad cat.

It's that time of the month again: worming.


I caught her good and proper right on the back of the neck.

She did a runner underneath the shed and didn't talk to me for the rest of the day.

At least I managed to get some work done.

The mad cat re-emerged late in the day whilst I was doing a bit of a garden tidy up.

She asked for food, cleared her plate and then disappeared again.

Cheers, Madam.

It's been bloody wet out in the garden for the past three days. Everything seems to have shot up by a couple of inches.

I spent two very pleasant hours pulling and pushing things back into place.

My iPod company for the session was South London Hardcore.


What happened there?

I'm a bit behind with my listening, but I was upset to hear that Steve and Jack are going on a Transpontine sabbatical.

My entire South London knowledge over the past couple of years has been assembled via SLHC.

I hope that they are able to make a return some time in 2016.

Highlights for Monday evening included a brief FaceTime HELLOOOOO with Anna's Mum, and then finally catching up with Le Tour highlights from Sunday.


07/27/15; 04:48:33 PM

Nice weather for ducks.

No swim, no run and most definitely no bicycle ride.


Instead I'm slowly working through the backlog on my personal To Do list. It's been building up over the past 18 months to be honest.

Sunday morning was all about trying to complete the task of transferring a decade of images bundled up across 30 CDRs into Pixa.

I'm acutely aware that CDRs are dead. I need these files on my main Mac and backed up whilst I still have a machine that will physically take a CDR.

I made good progress on the process, if not the perusal.

I could be lost for hours in looking back over the images that I haven't seen in over ten years.

This is a joyous task that can come at a later date.

I did give myself a slap on the back though for being so organised in digital days gone by and steadfastly adding dates to every image that was taken.

I stumbled across the Reggae Cover Lounge mid-morning.

It was absolutely ACE.

Cheesy as chuff, but that's half the appeal.

I've mentioned many times before that I'm continually searching out all the early 80s Greensleeves cover versions that we use to shift by the box load off the Victoria Market record stall back in the day. This is the closest that I've come to finding something similar.

The rain then increased the tempo, and so did my online image activity.

The mad cat slept through it all.

Continued rain meant... housework.

Make hay, etc.

I got it all done, top to bottom. Quite an achievement.

I recorded METROKNOBBERS with Darryl early evening.

Darts got in the way of editing, but I managed to publish it just before bedtime.

Sweet dreams.

07/26/15; 04:46:55 PM

A 7am Saturday morning work shift.

New client nerves as well.


I think that I managed OK.

Brucheon coincided with peak raspberry.

Blimey - where do they all bloody come from?

I couldn't eat them quick enough before another bunch then ripened.

They are good for your system.

Trust me.

More work, the start of the Pro 50 cricket, and Le Tour.

See ya, Saturday.

07/25/15; 04:18:06 PM

Rain watching meant that I missed the morning swim.


The bloody BBC weather website has been hit or miss of late. I should just get out there and swim.

Hang on - I did that on Monday and got bloody soaked on the bicycle ride back.

And so a morning spent indoors instead on Friday. I had some flexi work to clear up, plus some Brixton Buzz action.

Soon it became luncheon; soon it became @RobertElms time.

A 2-Tone four-fer was lined up. I downed work tools and confess to a spot of old skinhead moon-stomping.

And then more work, more rain and more tea.

Le Tour and DARTS started the weekend.

Phew. Rock 'n' Roll etc.

07/24/15; 02:12:47 PM

A bit of a back to front day.

It started with some early morning work shifts, then a brief morning break for some Brixton Buzz action, a cheeky mid-morning swim and then WORK. All the way through until early evening.

The swim was another of those WOH - where the chuffers did that come from?

I felt strong on the bicycle ride to the pool. I was King of the Colchester Mountains. I was in a race with only one competitor - me.

An empty lane greeted me at the pool, and then empty lanes for the bicycle ride back to base.

Thursday afternoon was spent with Cover to Cover with Robert Elms: Be Thankful for What You've Got - William DeVaughn Vs Massive Attack.

It was ACE.

Perfect for a lazy summer afternoon.

Massive Attack got the head nods. I plodded along with the afternoon work shifts in a bit of a trip hop breeze.

I started to receive the first flurry of emails from right wing Labour Leadership twonks later in the afternoon.

Having handed over my £3, it's a small price to pay balanced against fighting for socialism once again.

That nice Yvette Cooper wanted to know why I had rejoined the fold.

To kick out Neo-Con capitalists like you, Madam came the reply.


whynotjointheLabourparty etc.

And then there was the mad cat.

Oh dear.

I'm flying solo once again for the next week or so with Anna up in the Lakes.

Which means mad cat duty.

Late in the working day she dragged me from the office and all the way downstairs.

The purpose?

She wanted a poo, and wanted me to watch.

Cheers, dear.

I had some more work buddying in the evening. Thankfully it finished just in time to catch the Hampshire innings on TV in the t20 twaddle.

07/23/15; 02:41:28 PM

Another day where the work got in the way of the play.

It didn't get off to a good start when an early morning haircut meant that I missed my swim.

Boo for waiting around at the barbers.

Hurrah for the new haircut!

I think.

I'm experimenting - as much as a balding 40-something bloke can experiment.

My hair 'collapsed' about six months ago. I can't really describe it in any other way. It just stopped being spiky.

I think it is falling out to be honest.

And so farewell to a No.2 on top, hello to a No. 1.


That looks sharp.

I've got six weeks of home working to live with it, before deciding if it is a little too sharp for school.

Back at base and it was ACE to hear Robert Elms on BBC London once again. Boy I've missed his London-centric ways.

I had half an eye on the TV t20 twaddle early evening ahead of Anna returning from South London.

We then watched Le Tour together, grimacing slightly at the danger of the descents.

The mysterious Brixton Green re-published a most odd statement later in the evening. There's not much else I can add for now, except to say that the lies against Brixton Buzz have gone AWOL.

What a very strange organisation.

07/22/15; 04:59:01 PM

A swim, endless new work projects, and a bicycle ride.

Some days are better than others.

07/21/15; 05:03:44 PM

Early morning weather forecasts from West Ham Wanker to start the working week.

Oh Lordy.

Yer man didn't stop me from getting completely drenched on the bicycle ride in.

Cheers, fella.

There wasn't much time for a swim - 30 lengths, and that's your lot. I've taken on some new work commitments and so had to be back at base in good time.

Anna bagged the Desk from the Raj / Colchester, leaving me stuck upstairs in the pokey office.

We both had work calls around the same time. I think that my work was marginally of more interest than hers, although she played her corporate cards far better than I could ever hope - or even want - to.

I did something very sill later in the afternoon - I joined the Labour party.

whynotjointheLabourparty etc.

It was a case of close, but no cigar, Comrades.

I forked out my £3 to become a 'supporter' so that I can have a vote in the Leadership and London Mayoral candidate selection.

My reasoning is that if my Fave Nu Labour Cllr has a vote for some crazed right wing twonk of a careerist, then my handing over of £3 is a small price to pay to cancel out the my Fave Nu Labour Cllr.

Solidarity, Comrade.

Early evening was spent editing and publishing the final content of the school year from SW9.

I then settled down for a mass catch up with Le Tour.


07/20/15; 02:05:36 PM

A Wifey Weekend Roll Out ride characterised by hills and strong head winds to start Sunday morning.

Anna took me out on a new route that she has discovered / made up. I had absolutely no idea where we were.

Some of the climbs were quite challenging. As ever I am a scaredy cat when it comes to the descent.

We went from land to sea with a quick turn around for a canoe paddle after luncheon.

The plan was simply to splash around. We ended up making it to the other end of the Roman River.

We paddled against the wind and tide heading out. It was tough, and at times we were actually travelling backwards.

I was tempted for some skinny dipping at Fingringhoe - which is not quite as rude as it sounds.

But the water was running out on us with a rapidly reversing tide.

I thought that it would be an easy journey back to the Quay. I ended up getting grounded in some mud.


A not very dignified relaunch was required using my hands.

The estuary sun was GLORIOUS. This must mean that it was hammock time back at base. I fell asleep within minutes.

Sunday evening was spent with a major gardening clean up with Anna. It's gone pretty wild whilst we've both been in South London.

The Test and Le Tour concluded Sunday.

Big working day of changes coming up tomorrow.

Slight nerves.

07/19/15; 03:44:38 PM

I wandered around the Lambeth Country Show site early on Saturday morning ahead of the lido swim. It was the calm before the storm.

Last minute preparations were being put in place ahead of the opening some four hours later.

LOVE this time of the year.

The lido swim itself was something of a calming experience as well.

The water was the clearest it has been all month. I used the swim to clear my hangover from Friday night.

A brief cycle back to Sunny Stockwell for some household chores, and then I was Brockwell Park bound once again.

I had a meeting with one of the Nu Labour lot in Lambeth that I can actually tolerate.

Let's leave it at that...

A lido double dip followed. It would have ben rude not to with Lake Brockwell beckoning me ahead of the Country Show nonsense.

Ah yes - the Lambeth Country Show.

ACE-ed it.

I was joined yet again by Red Maz of Bal'ham. We did the same thing that we have done for the past two decades: systematically walking up EVERY aisle, exploring all the stalls and snapping away.

The Country Show changes ever so slightly every year, yet somehow it still manages to hold together all that is brilliant in the borough.

It was noticeably a larger site than last year.

We took a little time out mid-afternoon to sit in the Walled Garden. The dub heavy sound floated over, yet the garden remained a place of escape and tranquility.

By law, Chucklehead Cider should have followed next. But the queues were HUGE.

I hadn't really recovered from the night before on the piss at the cricket with... Red Maz of Bal'ham.

It was a wise decision as I had chores to complete later back in Sunny Stockwell.

I cycled late afternoon back through Brixton and caught up briefly with the other folk also having a hard time of it of late with the mysterious Community Interest Company.

Ahh - but whose community and in exactly whose interest, Comrades?

Back at the flat I edited and published the Country Show pics to BBuzz.

And then headed back to over there for what might be a considerable time period.

Oh dear.

07/18/15; 03:51:53 PM

Temperature talk dominated the morning lido swim for Friday.

What is this?

Freezing February once again?

Causing concern was the newly installed digital temperature board, poolside at a delightful 1937 art deco building.

"If only we had a visible way in which to find out what the current water temperature is"

...observed one hunk of a lido wag.

I pressed on with the swim. I felt strong after the early All Bran.

Twenty lengths was the aim. In the end I had to settle for fourteen with the final assembly of the school year counting down at 9am.

It was worth the rush. Having rehearsed Singing in the Rain all term at two schools, I'm now note perfect.

The kids were ACE, as ever.

I then took part is some Treasure Island drama [Narrator] and then some end of term Scooby Doo video viewing.


The last afternoon session was party time.

It was very, very funny.

I'll be smiling for the next six weeks.

I cycled off to Windrush Square late afternoon. A late contribution has been added to the Urban Art display.

There's not much more I can say about it, for now.

And then Friday evening was all about being on the piss with the 'rrey.

Chin chin.

Red Maz of Bal'ham and I opted for the Member's section in the OCS, rather than the Pavilion.

We were rewarded with an empty John Major Bar, and a win for Surrey.

C'mon the 'rrey!

All about the Lambeth Country Show tomorrow :blush:

07/17/15; 05:45:08 PM

A tip tap typing heavy early start to the day.

I had to make a decision late last night: do I tip tap type heavy through until 3am, or be in bed by 10am and then do all the tapping away at 6am?

Increasingly I am a morning person.

I have made too many online errors in thinking that I could achieve something at three in the morning.

Thankfully my work commitments allowed for some flexibility.

Everything was caught up with by 10am. I even had time to do some ironing ahead of an 11am work shift.

I slipped in a cheeky luncheon lido swim at 1pm. One half of the pool was full of school tripping kids.

I shared a lane with one other swimmer.

The new electronic temperature board was being installed.

I had a brief chat with the workmen. I asked if it was magically linked to the pool itself?

"Nah, mate. Someone in the office just taps in whatever temperature they like."

You bounder! You cheat!

I cycled straight from Herne Hill over to SE17 for an afternoon at school.

There was only really on thing on the agenda: Year 6 Leaver's Assembly :disappointed:

This gets me every year.

I hide behind a camera and pretend that I'm not sad to see the young folk move on.

It's not any individuals per se, but just the collective bunch.

These are kids that I have watched grow up over the past eight years. Leaver's Assembly is always the last time that I will get to see them together again.

The teaching staff were SUPERB. It can't be an easy task speaking for over an hour, praising each pupil in an overheated school hall. They carried it off to perfection.

I stayed around a short while for the Leaver's Tea, and also said a few farewells to some departing staff.

I then cycled back to Sunny Stockwell and published all of the Leaver's pics.

The front garden at the flat needed tackling mid-evening.

This means one thing: CHAINSAW, f-yeah.

Actually the garden wasn't that bad. It does need a tidy up every couple of weeks though. I was pleased to only find one empty beer can tucked away behind the front wall.

And then bed.

Before 10pm as well.


BEST Day of the school year tomorrow :blush:

07/16/15; 03:30:26 PM

A civilised lovely lido midweek swim to start Wednesday.

I'm not sure which I enoyed most - the waters of Lake Brockwell or the charming changing room conversation with @@sweetbriar49.

A short cycle ride along CHL, through Camberwell and then I was in place for a school day in SE17.


There was very much an end of term feeling.

Not long to go now...

I took some time out myself at lunchtime to sit in Burgess Park for fifteen minutes. I use to do this every lunchtime back in the day.

The park layout has changed slightly, but it's a peaceful place so close to the Walworth Road.

I must vist Chumleigh Gardens again soon.

But Wednesday was all about the Year 6 School Play, always a highlight in the school calendar.

Shakespeare Rocks... ROCKED.

It was genuinely quite wonderful to see all of the preparation for the past two months or so fall into shape.

Each year I'm in absolute awe of what the students and teaching staff manage to achieve.

I ran out of storage space on my iPhone whilst videoing the final song. Must remember my Mac policy of small form factor added in with maxing out on storage.

I was straight off the stage [sorta] and straight into the top tier of the Pavilion for another late afternoon spent on the piss with the 'rrey.

Except I was sipping on Surrey tea once again.

I stayed for a couple of hours, and then had to head back to the flat to catch up with all of the school work from the day.

Anna arrived back in Sunny Stockwell just after 7pm.

"Wow - what a performance!"

...she said.

Was she talking about the Year 6 school play?

Close, but she had more in mind Surrey skittling out Kent before the close of play.

It turns out that I missed five wickets by departing The Oval with twenty minutes of play left in the day.


Red Maz from Bal'ham visited us early evening.

It was a cricketing / social visit. Her hair matched the new colour scheme of our flat.

The rest of Thursday was taken up with editing school play videos.

Job's a good 'un.

07/15/15; 05:11:23 PM

A bit of a blurry eyed start to Tuesday following the early morning BBuzz Cabinet action.

I was in need of purification. I was in need of Lake Brockwell.

What I found instead was a breakfast conversation with the Icicles about the 'Tranny on a piano.'

All was well with my world once again.

As expected, the lovely lido swim was BEAUTIFUL.

The water was almost as cloudy as the skies above. But it was an outdoor pool and I had a lane to myself.

Twelve hours previous and I was in despair about the 'democracy' that puts itself up as a Cabinet meetings.


Sadly the Cressingham folk on the other side of the park probably weren't waking up feeling so sky high on life.

I had some work buddying shifts back in the flat. That all sounds a little seedy. It wasn't.

I fired up Skype, shared my screen and then almost forgot about the non-work tabs that I had open.


I had ambitious plans to sneak in the morning session at The Oval. Sadly it didn't happen.

It was heads downs, complete the work and then hopefully be free for some Surrey action shortly after the tea break.

I was sitting in the Pavilion for the tail end of the Kent innings, and just in time to see Sam Curran take a fifer on his first class County Championship debut.

What a man / boy.

Surrey seemed to get their heads down for the start of the second innings.

And so did I.

I picked up a signal on the top tier of the Pavilion and managed to edit and publish all of the school content gathered in SE21 the day before.

I've got a busy run of school commitments coming up over the next few days. I just know that if the content is left sitting on my hard drive then it will probably remain there.

Anna gatecrashed the Sunny Stockwell party early evening. It was another in those now all too familiar His 'n' Hers SW8 evenings.

I think that we could both get use to this...

And then some more work training late in the evening, and then Le Tour together in bed.



07/14/15; 04:05:09 PM

Another early morning spent messing about with lido Vs run decisions.

It was hardly raining, but the drizzle was enough to put me off a bicycle ride over to the lovely lido... to get wet.

I had no such concerns about lugging my aching frame around Clap'ham Common.

It was actually a half-decent run. I struggled climbing the stairs back into the flat.

The rain more or less stopped around 8:30am - perfect for a ride out towards Herne Hill and a school day spent in the lovely SE21.

This was my final work day in SE21 for the school year. Any thoughts on taking it easy were soon forgotten the moment I walked through the school gates.


Boy Y asked me late in the day:

"Sir - is it that you are a professional?"

I think that this was a compliment. But you never can tell with Boy Y.


I cycled straight from SE21 over to The Oval for the final session in play between the 'rrey and Kent.

The Umps were playing funny buggers with the light metres.

Apparently The Oval floodlights were making it too bright for the natural light.

The players went off, then back on again, and then finally off for the evening.

I enjoyed a lovely Oval cup of tea and a doughnut from the school staff room.

A brief wash and brush up back at base [yeah, right] and then I was back in Brixton for the July meeting of the Lambeth Cabinet.

Oh Lordy.

How did this happen again?

My interest was mainly in the whole Cressingham debate for a Brixton Buzz piece.

Some interesting characters turned up to sit next to me...

Monday evening was then spent writing the Buzz piece ahead of publication on Tuesday morning.

I had a mild panic very late in the evening when Google Cal wasn't showing any content past next week.


It was the bloody slow broadband connection in the flat.

And relax.

07/13/15; 07:26:46 PM

A planned early morning roll out with Anna was abandoned thanks to the bloody rain.

I think that we were both secretly quite pleased,still suffering aching limbs from the Saturday ride.

And so I decided to go for a run instead.


Gosh that was slow. I clocked around two minutes slower than the usual time for once around the University route.

I recuperated by falling asleep on a train all the way over to South London.

Once Transpontine bound, I did a brief Lidl run to stock me up for the rest of the week.

I confess that there is little variation to my Lidl diet.

I then cycled off to Urban Art.

I LOVE this event. It seems to get bigger and better each year.

The plan was for a simple hit and run five minute photo shoot. I ended up staying a couple of hours.

I had my walking head on, if not my walking boots. For some strange reason I set off up towards Tulse Hill.

I've not been around this side of town for a few years now. Not much had changed. I think that this is reassuring.

This could all be different in 24 hours time though with Cabinet due to vote on Cressingham Gardens.

I took a few photos around the estate, and then walked back through Brockwell Park.

I'm use to running UP Cressingham hill with the Park Run, rather than walking down. I hadn't really realised how bloody steep it is.

And then I was back by Cold Water Lane, and back where I left the bike.

Ambitious plans for chores around the flat were soon forgotten.

I was knackered.

I spent the remainder of Sunday editing photos instead.

07/12/15; 02:07:10 PM

A Wifey Weekend Roll Out to start Saturday morning.

We were both saddle rusty and took a while to find our rhythm.

The early morning traffic out of Colchester was pretty hairy. I had a few near misses escaping out to the estuary lanes.

Once we hit the main route then it was a joyful ride. Few cars, but plenty of other Saturday morning cyclists making the most of the perfect riding conditions.

Abberton Reservoir looked low.

VERY low.

No such concerns at the pool as we stopped off on the way home for a brief swim.

It was another empty lane Saturday. I chose to swim in parallel with Anna.

She wimped out after the first couple of lengths. She could have taken me to be honest. Don't tell her that.

And then the rest of Saturday was more or less about Transpontine preparations.

I'm heading over to South London tomorrow for the next week or so. Works bits and bobs needed to be put in place.

The first Test victory was spent in the hammock with TMS. I woke up just in time to hear Moeen take the catch.

And then with the temperature dropping slightly, I put in an hour of gardening.

I think that all three baby hedgehogs have now grown up and departed. I hope that I don't get to see them again as roadkill :disappointed:

I've absolutely no idea why, but I finally signed up for an Instagram account early evening.

A number of friends don't touch Twitter or Facebook, but enjoy sharing photos. I rather like the beauty and simplicity of simply capturing a moment with few words.

A bit more work reading of ultra corporate documents filled the gap waiting for Anna to return from bloody golf.

And then we caught up with the Test and Le Tour.


07/11/15; 03:51:58 PM

It was more of a stretch than a swim at the pool first thing on Friday.

An empty lane, and so I deliberately chose to concentrate on my technique, rather than fitness.

It was fantastic. I managed 50 lengths.

A brief wander around the garden back at base. The tomatoes have now started to ripen. I picked three for my baguette luncheon.

Work then ate up most of the morning.

With so many sporting distractions available, I decided to work in silence. Le Tour, the Ashes and Wimbledon could all be caught up with later.

Which also meant that I missed another Style Council four-fer with @RobertElms.


I'll catch up with it tomorrow. I hope the usual cliches weren't played out.

Anna came back from a week away at work early evening.

We celebrated with BOOZE.

Plus the Kent Vs Somerset t20, Le Tour and then the Ashes.

LOVE this time of the year.

07/10/15; 01:34:26 PM

Some early morning Brixton buzz action. The findings of the Cultural Consultation have been delayed. You don't say.

I cheered myself up with an impressive raspberry haul from the garden.

Would you like some Bran Flakes to go with those raspberries, Sir?

A bit of work training, some work shifts, and then yet more training and meetings.

New projects ahoy!

I squeezed in a little garden hammock time late afternoon, just in time for the sun to disappear.

I fell asleep for all of five minutes and missed a wicket in the Test.

Some late work shifts came in early evening. I grabbed what I could, and ended up working through until bedtime.


07/09/15; 05:08:04 PM

Competing work, competing sport.

The Ashes, Le Tour, Wimbledon, um, work.

What's a work at home man to do?


That's what.

I did allow myself to catch the first over of the Test match though.

Some rather amusing correspondence from a certain PR person at a certain local authority then followed.

Tip: Don't flag your emails with NOT FOR PUBLICATION if you are attempting to manipulate the local news agenda.

It was another ADORABLE day with the mad cat.

Yeah, yeah, get over-sentimental etc, but she was talking to me.

Well, squeaks and meowwws on demand.

It's a bit of a call and response situation. But I do get a muted sound back if I start off the conversation.

Oh the joys of home working. Talking to the animals. It's come to that.

The chore of the daily garden water was thankfully aborted with some afternoon showers.

I then set off to Sunny Colch early evening for the CBC Cabinet meeting.

As ever, everything got politicised.

Oh dear.

07/08/15; 03:37:53 PM

The early morning garden inspection revealed the first ripening of the tomatoes.

Actually it's not as regimented as that. I went outside to bin some cat poo and the tomatoes caught my eye.

I wonder what / who has been fertilising them?

Random work shifts filled up the morning. I bought some more Globe tickets to see me through the rest of the Bankside season.

I then tinkered around with setting up some feeds with varying success.

I set up an auto feed so that any Chronic tweets also use the magic of @ifttt and find their way over to the Facebook page.

Twitter is my platform of choice. It's where the Chronic gets most of the audience and the engagement crap.

But that's not to say that I should ignore Facebook.

I'm not a great fan of cross-posting on both platforms. I'll see how it works out.

And then I attempted to set up an auto feed so that any blog posts from a certain site get caught in an RSS feed, and then make it over to the Wivenhoe Forum automatically.

I'm not sure how successful this has been. I need to wait until the certain site gets some content created first.

The afternoon was spent editing some school content from SW9.

Anna I and then rolled out on an early evening ride. The bloody Essex gravel DIY approach to road repairs hit us once again.


A bit of late evening gardening followed.

Apparently I pulled up a weed that wasn't a weed, but some flower that Anna had bought.


And then Le Tour highlights.


07/06/15; 03:15:45 PM

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