Day 2 of the pretty much wall-to-wall of work shifts, dawn to dusk.

Not quite dawn, but 12 hours all the same.

No time for a swim, but I managed a bit of a run instead.

And then I settled down in the desk from the Raj / Colchester and pretty much got on with it.

I fell in love once again with the Cathal Smythe album early morning. It is such a London / summer album.

A brief break for a garden harvest haul was rewarded.

The strawberries are still offering up new delights each morning. But it is the raspberries that have now taken over as the Bran Flakes filler.

There was no sign of the baby hedgehogs, but also no sign of the slugs.

I don't think that these two observations are unrelated.

Other work / life balances for the morning included fanning down a very irritated mad cat.

I finally found a use for Anna's LibDem Welcome Pack.

Predictably @RobertElms opened with the Isleys and Summer Breeze.

My heart melted.


I went outside mid-afternoon to hang some washing out.

Phew. Rock 'n' Roll etc.

I heard some rustling from the lavender section of the garden.

And there they were.

Count them: one, two, THREE baby hedgehogs :blush:

We knew about two of them, but not the third. They appear to be looking after each other, wandering around the undergrowth as a trio.

It really was quite beautiful.

Work continued, and so did the summer soundtrack.

On a hot afternoon, the last day of June etc, and this seemed appropriate.

I saw the sun rise as a man, YEAH.

The run of work shifts came to close at 10pm.



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