Only truly great - or simply silly - riders wear yellow.

I fell into the latter category on Monday morning as I cycled off to the pool wearing the maillot jaune.

I caught the interest of an army of seasonal little flies, all trying to pollinate my lycra.

I deposited them in the pool.

Something of a tense working day was then expected - which isn't normally the case.

We've taken on board a very short term hit and run project with a client. It lasts for three days, pretty much 24/7 with 15 staff members working at any given time.

I've signed up for a complete run of shifts over the next three days.

See ya Monday!

And Tuesday and Wednesday...

It actually wasn't that bad - a bit of a slow burner.

It did raise a smile though when I realised that I was working remotely on the project with a very close pal from the real world :wink:

The only distraction in the working day was a family of hedgehogs.


Anna discovered a nest over the weekend. We now have a couple of incredibly cute little spiky dudes living in the back garden.

The mad cat is keeping her distance.

Surrey cricket commentary also livened up the working day.

Not so the endless exchanges regarding a legal matter with the ever mysterious Brixton Green.

Which is about all that I can say right now...

The evening was spent gardening and catching up with Wimbledon.

A LOVELY time of the year.

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