A loud OUCH as I delicately got out of bed this morning.

My knackered knee felt knackered.

This wasn't a good sign ahead of the Brockwell Park Run.

Likewise seeing Madam Pacemaker on the start line wasn't a good sign either.

I LOVE Madam Pacemaker. She has helped me through some hard winter runs.

But I never know whether to hug her or ignore her when I see her.

You can run, but you can't hide, etc.

I was booze free, but not at the peak of my fitness. I explained all of this to Madam Pacemaker. She insisted that we run together.

I did a half-decent job. I dragged her around the first circuit of the Park Run, and then let her push on to do her own thing.

I sagged slightly for the third quarter, but somehow managed a spring finish.

My official time of 22:55 was way off a PB.

And then the lovely lido.

Boy it was busy.

The water was choppy. It is just starting to lose that distinguished Brockwell blue. It's best not to think about the reasons as to why this is happening.

Twelve enjoyable lengths were ticked off.

This may be the final swim of the weekend. The Windrush Tri boys and girls have the pool tomorrow morning.

I cycled back through Brixton, did a bit of summer wardrobe shopping (oooh) and then had some bruncheon back in Sunny Stockwell.

A quick turnaround and I was Brixton bound once again.

This was a BUSY Brixton afternoon.

First up was the Reclaim Brixton People's Assembly.

If I'm being absolutely honest then it was poorly attended. Around 100 or so folk gathered briefly at Windrush Square to discuss gentrification issues and solutions.

What was clear was that there are many different interest groups, but one united aim.

Trying to achieve that aim however is something else entirely.

I then headed over to Somerleyton Road for the street party that wasn't a street party.

This was most odd.

It was essentially a Council consultation, all taking place against the backdrop of a closed community space at No. 6.

The mysterious Brixton Green were nowhere to be seen.

I was in need of some spiritual uplifting and so I legged it up Brixton Road and towards The Oval.

It was Day 1 of the Championship match between the 'rrey and Gloucestershire.

It was also Day 1 of the Surrey Cricket Beer Festival.

Oh Lordy.

I had to stay sober as I had theatre commitments later in the evening.

The 'rrey put on a half-decent batting display. It was absolutely beautiful in the South London sun.

I cycled on from The Oval over to The Globe.

King John was the entertainment for the evening. This was a play that I know absolutely nothing about. I still feel the same way some three hours later.

It was rather joyful though.

I did a little dance at the end.

That was a day.

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