A morning spent hissing cats out of the garden.

I hate doing this.

But my poor little mad cat is a runt and sadly isn't going to do very well in Cat Wars.

She slept through most of the hissing, but then came downstairs half awake / still half asleep.

Absolutely oblivious.

Probably for the best.

My morning garden time was spent harvesting more strawberries and a couple of raspberries. They were GORGEOUS chopped up in my morning porridge.

A bit of BBuzz and Chronic catching up, and then I set off for South London for a long weekend.

A mad dash across town on the Brompton, and then I was safely back in Sunny Stockwell for some scheduled afternoon work shifts.

Funky Friday with @RobertElms had me shuffling around the office desk.

I did a brief Lidl run, and then spent the early evening at the lovely lido.

For such a sticky day it was relatively empty. I shared a lane with only two other swimmers.

I then cycled straight from Herne Hill up to Waterloo for the roll out of the midsummer Critical Mass.

The plan was to ride around for an hour or so. In the end I managed almost four hours of partying with Critical Mass :wink:

It was mainly a North London ride. I haven't been up to Holloway in years.

The Bank sit down was effective. We partied for perhaps a little longer than was necessary outside the Palace.

Pretty knackered.

Park Run tomorrow morning.


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