An early start for some work training that was scheduled very late in the evening the night before.

And then just after the Bran Flakes had been eaten, the work training was cancelled as quick as it had been booked.

Hey hoe.

I made use of the unexpected time with more school work editing.

This took me through to luncheon, and then Cover to Cover with @Robert Elms.

For consideration today was Just Like a Woman - Bob Vs Nina.

The soul within said Nina EVERY TIME.

But Bob was being Bob at his best.

Bob lost.


Worked pressed on, and then endless admin.

I'm tempted to give up on all of this end of the month data backing up. Most of it is automated now anyway. I have become rather obsessive over it.

Time to let go.

I welcomed Anna back from South London early evening.

Passing ships, etc.

And then t20 and BOOZE.

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