A very early morning awakening by a hungry cat.

I gave in and went downstairs to feed her.

She went straight back to bed.

Cheers, luv.

I spent the unexpected waking hours editing and publishing school content.

Three consecutive days in three different schools and the backlog soon builds up.

One of my aims at the start of the new school year back in September was not to stress over the publishing, but to concentrate on the collection of content.

Not all of this needs to be used - just grab it whilst it is there, and then be selective.

But of course I have zero self-editing skills and just tend to publish the whole bloody lot.

I'll have another re-think when we get to the end of the term.

Mid-morning was spent calling out some political bullshit.

Just Tell It Like It Is, etc.

whynotjointheLabourparty etc.

I worked in silence once again for most of the day.

That was until sometime around 2:30pm when I briefly put on @RobertElms. He played Long Hot Summer.

My heart melted :blush:

Works shifts stopped / started / and then stopped again throughout the afternoon and evening.

And then some work training to end the day, all delivered from the other side of the world, something which always amazes me.

Oh - and a few blockage issues on the garden watering front :disappointed:

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