Another early morning spent cloud busting.

To swim or not to swim?

By 6:30am and I thought bugger it. A King of Clap'ham Common run it was instead.

It never fails to surprise me as to how many weekday runners do the Common circuit. They all seem to go the wrong way as well - CLOCKWISE Comrades, every time.

The highlight of the run was a backwards running woman. It was most odd.

My time was pretty much 45 minutes bang on. It's been the same for the past couple of years.

A quick shower, and then I cycled off to SE21 for another school day.

The streets were dry around Herne Hill. I could have done the lovely lido swim after all.

Hey hoe.

A pretty manic work day followed.

The end game for the end of the summer term is always manic. There are so many activities and projects taking place that need to be completed.

Add in some significant building work and WOH.


That was my work day.

I still came out smiling.

Not so for the commute back to over there.

If heading back over there wasn't bad enough, then a buggered up train line didn't do much to sell the idea to me.

Should have stayed in South London.

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