An early morning of Brixton Buzz catching up.

As ever, the stories are there - finding the time to write them is the issue.

And then a Brockwell bruncheon.

Of sorts.

Truth be told and I necked a bowl of cheapo Lidl Bran Flakes first back at base.

But I like the idea, if not the reality, of a lazy Sunday bruncheon by the blue waters of Lake Brockwell.

And so a swim instead.

I almost had a lane to myself, but was joined midway through by some feathery thing.

Duck? Goose? um, hen?

I'm no good at nature, but I did enjoy the company.

The extra swimming space gave me room to focus on my technique. This was a forceful swim. I found some extra pull on my stroke within the water.

A brief bit of lido sun bathing, and then I made the short cycle up the road to Herne Hill Velo.

Brixton Cycles was staging the annual Maddison meet.

It was absolutely ACE.

A lovely, lovely relaxing Sunday afternoon, with a mixture of rising young talent and some seasoned South London cyclists.

I snapped away for a Brixton Buzz piece, and pondered a return to the track for myself.

I don't trust myself to be honest when it comes to the safety.

As well as the Maddison sling shots, there was a race schedule covering many other disciplines.

The sprints were anything but with some extreme cat and mouse tactics taking place at le Velo banking.

Fun to watch, all the same.

Time was a little tight. I had chores and commitments back at base and so cycled to Sunny Stockwell mid-afternoon.

I never tire of banging on about how bloody beautiful my SW8 lavender garden looks.

But it does.

So there.

And then early evening I cycled back out to the lovely lido for the birthday party of le Gai Pensionnaire.

It was beautiful.

My favourite, favourite South London folk, some personal poetry and music for Monsieur Pensionnaire, and CAKE.

I cycled back to Sunny Stockwell on the Solstice evening thinking yeah: life. :blush:

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